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OK, I get it. You’re not an “on air talent” or “influencer”. And, even more, you’re camera shy. But like anything else, practice makes “pawfect”. And even just 30-60 seconds of regular content can make a world of difference. With attention spans at an all-time low, quick video snippets with content that’s important to your customers can build trust and customer engagement. When posted to YouTube, it can quickly generate credibility between that content and your website. And, best of all, you don’t even have to be on camera!

But it’s not just about posting to YouTube. You can use this content in nearly all of your marketing efforts! Use it on your website, your email marketing and your social media accounts. It all points toward creating a consistent voice that your customers will learn to trust.

So where do you start? Sure, you’ll need a YouTube channel, some video equipment and a way to tie it all together. But that’s the easy part. Generating good content is the most imortant task you’ll do as a marketer and business owner. That’s where working with BarkMark can help make the difference. Let me learn about your business and industry, then we’ll work together to help your business Bark Like a Big Dog!

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Video Content that generates website traffic to WanderingWiener.com