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Your Look Matters

Stand Out with Branding They'll Remember

Classic, vintage and stylish was a requirement for this logo for a Kansas City area antiques dealer. The logo is visible on the website as well as logo merchandise that is sold nation-wide.

My submission for the 2017 microbrew festival was not chosen as the winner, but still holds true to the brand they’ve created for this annual event loved by beer fans in the midwest.

A food-truck style shaved ice vendor wanted a bright, fun, retro look to attract customers to their food truck in downtown Lawrence, KS.

A new player in the political scene for Leawood, KS wanted a clean look that shouted “community”, so the large tree was used to speak of home, neighborhood and togetherness.

An engineer by trade, this personal trainer wanted customers to know their body could be engineered with her process, so a techy look was used to convey her message.

Sherman the Therapy Dog was a popular pup in social media, and made a difference in the lives of all e slobbered on. The gentle giant with a big heart was all we needed to show…

A publisher of contemporary art needed a contemporary font for use on a website, and many print pieces like invoices, letterhead, envelopes and more.