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About BarkMark

Kansas City Small Businesses Bark Like a Big Dog with BarkMark.

Kansas City small businesses with small marketing budgets can still bark like a big dog.


I have always done things a little differently. Even before my school days, I was making up words that better described my surroundings. I once described a dog as having “Dogality” instead of personality. And it’s this creativity that helped guide me toward a career in marketing.

It started with writing. I loved writing. Then I discovered design. I loved design just as much. Web and social media followed. Then numbers… I was never a numbers person, but studying the analytics is important, and something that every marketer has to bring to the table. Seeing the numbers improve is an amazing feeling!

All of that creativity, experience and passion has lead me to create BarkMark, a digital marketing agency based in Kansas City. I am your in-house marketing department and will help your business “Leave Your Bark”.


Man's (and Woman's) Best Friend

You’re not just a client, you’re a friend. I get to know you, your business, your goals and what’s important to you.

Fair Rates

Your success is my success. So it only makes sense that my rates are transparent, and you get what you expect.

Quick Service

Many marketing companies will put you and your project “in the queue” and make you wait a week or more before they look at your project. Your busines gets my attention every week.


Have you ever watched a dog get to know you? Some might jump in feet first and trust you with a wiggly butt from the second they meet you. But others might slowly walk up to you, take a few sniffs of your hand, then back away. Some will run away. But if you’re lucky, they will come around and wag their tail. You have a new best friend.

Your customers can behave exactly the same way. They go to your website, then leave to check the latest news. They might look up your Facebook page, maybe like one of your posts, then move on. And if you’re lucky, they will come around and like your page and engage with you. You have a new customer.

That’s my job – to tie all those pieces together, build that trust, and turn those awkward first moments into “pawsitive” results and help you make your new best friend – your customer.

Dozens of small businesses in Kansas City and from across the U.S. have trusted Tony Johnson and BarkMark with their websites and digital marketing for more than two decades.